Tribemen HOR

Mar 16, 2024

The tribesmen head of the river took place on a damp, drizzly Saturday, on the Corrib River. This was the first time this event has taken place in many years. This, and the less-than-ideal weather, meant that attendance, on the day, was less than organisers had expected. But the event was extremely well organised and is sure to grow in popularity over the next few years.
This event will go down in history for CIRC, as everyone in attendance witnessed the introduction of 2 hugely popular, and instantly iconic, things:
1. The CIRC food tent, selling delicious hot food, sandwiches, cakes, tea & coffee, and run entirely by volunteers.
2. The CIRC Beanie Hat - in Maroon or Pink.
Similar to the Sligo Head, there were 2 Heads on the day - in the morning and afternoon. Despite the miserable conditions, we saw some excellent rowing from all clubs involved.
CIRC is immensely proud of the conduct and performance of all its rowers on the day.

Morning Head
The Jes MJ18 Coxed Four finished the 4.2km course in 13:46.2 seconds, finishing 4.7 seconds behind the time the Bish Quad to take 2nd place. Unfortunately, the Coxless quad, for the same age category, experienced technical difficulties, finishing last place, behind CRCC, Neptune, and Sligo.
Our womens' Junior 16 Coxed Quad were 2nd to Sligo, crossing the line roughly 40 seconds ahead of CRCC and Carrick but 76 seconds behind the winning crew, whose blistering time was 25.1 seconds faster than the Garda J18 Mens Quad and 34.8 seconds ahead of the winning Womens' Masters Eight.
Our Junior 15 Coxed Quads placed 2nd and 4th in this 5-crew category. Although the Jes's crew was faster on the straights, Galway's top-class cornering on the 4.2Km course brought them home 39.4 seconds ahead. CIRC's 2nd crew, in this category, was slowed by a mid-race injury to one crew-member, yet managed to limp home 60.1 seconds behind their team-mates and 52.9 seconds ahead of CRCC, to take 4th place.
The Jes Mens Club 1 Coxed Four and Womens' Senior Coxless Quad were uncontested.

Afternoon Head
Another similarity to the Sligo head was that the rain only stopped once everyone was back on dry land, between both sessions - and as soon as the boats went back on the water for the 2nd head, the rain came again.
Congratulations to crew of the Jes Mens J18A 8 , which finished the course in a time of 12 minutes, 0.6 seconds to beat 6 other crews. Their nearest competitor was the Bish, who came home 4.8 seconds later - exactly 21 seconds ahead of Castleconnell A, who took third place.
In the Womens' J18 Coxless Quad, CIRC's crew out-performed Galway, Offaly, CRCC B, and Garda crews to take 2nd place, coming home only 6.6 seconds behind the winners, CRCC A.
The Mens J16 8 race saw the Jes take second place, 34.8 seconds behind the Bish crew. No other crews were in this category.
The Mens J15 Coxed Quad saw 2 Jes entries in a 6-crew race. The CIRC A crew finished 12.9 seconds behind the winners, Galway, to take 2nd place. They were followed, 63.5 seconds later, by the CIRC B crew, which took 5th place, 34.8 and 27.1 seconds behind both Shannon crews but 33.3 seconds ahead of Neptune.
Some photos, from the day are available below.

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