Castleconnel Sprints

May 04, 2024

May the 4th saw the club's junior crews travelling to Castleconnel to partake in the Castleconnel Sprint Regatta - fast races over a 500m, 5 lane course.
The club's 1st- and 2nd-years have no experience, as of yet, with single sculls so the entry's on the day were all Octs, Quads, and Doubles.

CIRC placed in 7 races:
- 1 Gold (MJ14 Double)
- 4 Silver (MJ15 Double, MJ14 Oct, MJ14 Quad, WJ14 Oct)
- 3 Bronze (MJ15, MJ14, and WJ14 Doubles)
The remaining 8 events, in which junior crews were entered, resulted in 5 fourth-place and 3 5th-place finishes.

Unfortunately no club photographer was present at this event so we have no photographs to show.