Training and Coaches


Training Schedule

The training schedule for the rowers depends on the level that they are at.

The older rowers generally have more training sessions.

Training consists of a mixture of sessions on the water and on the land.

Rowers are notified of changes in the schedule by their coach.

The schedule during holiday periods is liable to change while the schedule in wintertime may also be different due to the shorter days.

Training continues until the Championships on July 10th-12th. The number of sessions for the younger rowers is likely to increase during the summer holidays.


Safety on the water is a major priority for all.

Crews will not go on the water when rowing conditions are deemed to be unsafe.

When sessions on the water are cancelled (sometimes at short notice), they are often replaced by land training.

Every effort will be made to advise the rowers if, for some reason, a session is not going ahead.

Rowers cannot go on the water unless accompanied by a coach in a launch.

All who go in a launch and all coxes must wear a buoyancy aid.


Meet the Coaches

The success of Jes rowing over the years owes an enormous amount to the coaches who put in hours of work with the crews, winter and summer.  The club has a great tradition of ex-Jes rowers coming back to coach or staying in touch with the club in other ways.   To all past and present coaches, who work with our yong rowers on a volunteer basis, we say THANK YOU for your hard work and dedication. 

Club Head Coach: Dave Mannion

It is a tremendous boost to the club to be able to appoint a person with Dave Mannion’s skills and abilities as club Head Coach (part-time). Dave is a very experienced oarsman at under 18, at senior and international level. He has rowed with St Josephs, NUIG, Grainne Mhaoil and Ireland.  He is a top class sweep and sculling oarsman and has won many senior titles particularly in eights and fours. He has coached successfully for many years in NUIG in both the mens and womens club and also in St Josephs (ie our rivals the Bish). Dave is already a level two coach and is currently involved with the Irish Rowing in rolling out coaching seminars on water and land based rowing programs for club coaches and has come to us with very high recommendations from the Rowing Union coaching staff.

The key aim of Dave’s appointment will be to develop our rowing, maximising the available resources and particularly to coach our coaches and develop a rowing plan and standards encompassing all aspects of rowing within the club which can be used in the years ahead.

Boys Coaches

The lead coach for the boys is Liam Molloy - a former Irish international who has now been coaching for several years. There are several others who are also part of the boys coaching team including Matthew Kelly, Mike Sampier, Anthony Noone and Liam Smyth.

Liam Molloy (left), Mike Sampier and Matthew Kelly (right)

Girls Coaches

The girls are fortunate to have several coaches who all distinguished themselves in Jes crews from the recent past. It is a testament to the school and to the club and of course to the coaches themselves that they continue to give their time and the benefit of their experiences to the young rowers. These include Amy Phelan, Nicole Cooke, Sarah Sheridan, Naomi Colclough and Aine Gavin.

The club is also delighted that the experienced Redmond O'Brien acts as a mentor to this group, giving freely of his time to the benefit of all.

Some of the coaches(l to r): Sarah Sheridan, Amy Phelan, Nicole Cooke, Naomi Colclough

Redmond O'Brien

1st Year Coaches:

Ed Bell now plays a big role in coaching the younger boys and girls. Eamonn Colclough, who has a lifetime of coaching experience, is now using this knowledge to the benefit of our 1st years. Eoin Walls-Tuite and Kai McGlacken are two former Jes rowers who finished school in 2015 and have also started to get involved in the coaching of 1st years.

Ed Bell (left) and Eamonn Colclough

Club Chairman: Evan Molloy

Evan Molloy

Evan first entered the Jes Rowing Club in 1967 and we are delighted he is still here almost 50 years later! Evan’s role in the club can best be described as Chairman/Coach/ Logistics manager/Engineer /Mechanic/Driver/Committee member/Builder…. the list goes on.  Evan has been coaching the beginners for the past number of years and all the successful CIRC oarsmen and women in the past ten years have been coached by him during their years in Coláiste Iognáid. Evan also played a key role in building the second storey in the club. It is because of this dedication that it is joked that Evan spends more time in the club than any of the rowers who train there every day!

Favourite Jes Memory: “Watching beginners perform well”