Renovation of the Clubhouse

Opening of the newly renovated clubhouse

The opening of the newly renovated clubhouse was an important highlight of 2011.  The new upstairs is now virtually complete and the clubhouse was officially opened by John Humphreys, SJ in the presence of the new school Principal, Mary Joyce, during the annual club barbecue on 17 July.

John Humphreys, SJ cuts the ribbon to open the newly renovated clubhouse

The upstairs space houses the ergs and weights and a circuit space as well as new dressing rooms. There is much more room for boats downstairs now that the old dressing rooms have been demolished.  A handicapped toilet is being added and there is a room for the coaches.  The front of the clubhouse facing the river now sports the name and crest of the club, with the main doors painted in the club colours.

The renovations were only possible due to the huge amount of voluntary work carried out by a group of fathers and friends of the club on weekends and evenings over the past two years and the generous financial support provided by the school.  We hope that many generations of Jes rowers will enjoy these wonderful facilities.

Some of the wonderful work crew who carried out the renovations


Parent power shines light on Jes Rowing Club

There has been a great sense of fun and comradeship in the club over the last few months, not only amongst the rowers, but also amongst a group of parents who have got together to work at refurbishing the clubhouse.  Call in any Saturday morning or weekday evening and you will hear the sound of hammers, floors being laid and work schedules being discussed, while the crews go about the business of training - rowing, lifting their boats out on the water, or doing timed sessions on the ergs.  

A group of parents - an architect, a builder, two engineers, carpenters and a jack-of-all-trades - are undertaking  a major refurbishment of the clubhouse.

Work started in August ’09 to add a second floor inside the existing clubhouse. The new upstairs will house a new spacious gym, a kitchen and a meeting space looking out over the river. 

Work in progress in the clubhouse, November '09: The impressively large steel beams for the upstairs area are in place.

A new mezzanine steel structure and two stairways, as well as a lobby, have been constructed to provide 400 square metres of upstairs space with a fantastic view over the river Corrib. (That is the equivalent of flooring every room in three semi-detached houses!)


The upstairs flooring being installed.


The new weights area taking shape in early 2010.


The ergs and weights areas were completed in May 2010. The windows give essential light and ventilation


The view of the Corrib River from upstairs


Work stated on relocating the changing rooms, showers and toilets upstairs in late 2010


Working on the new changing rooms in early 2011


Completing the new boys' changing room and showers in late February 2011


They built the changing rooms - they built the bench so they could sit down for their cuppa


Preparing the ground for the new tarmac driveway

All this could not have been achieved without the group of dedicated parents, nick-named “The Boys' Club”  (Liam Gavin, Evan Molloy, Noel Sheridan, Frank Phelan, J.J. Cahalan, Tommy Rushe and Tadhg Kenny) because of the sense of comradeship and co-operation that has developed between them. As Jes parents, we believe our rowers deserve the best and we are determined to provide it for them.  

CIRC on the verge of something new

The club could not have embarked on the renovations but for the substantial financial help received from the school over the years and donations from generous sponsors, for which we are immensely grateful. The work is being done in phases, with the pace of progress dictated by the availability of funds. 

Other urgent work to be done in the next phase is to improve the slip for launch access and provide a lock-up house for the launch, in which the outboard motors and fuel could be stored.  This will eliminate the need to carry the heavy motors to and from the clubhouse for every training session, with the ever present risk of damaging expensive gear.