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About rowing training and the coaches who offer their time and expertise to help our rowers achieve their potential

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 Training Schedule

Rowing training sessions typically take 2 hours (1 hour for adult / recreational rowers) but rowers should aim to arive half an hour early to change, get boats/oars out of the boathouse and onto the water, and to help prep the safety launch.

School Rowers

The training schedule for the CIRC rowers depends on the level that they are at.
Training consists of a mixture of sessions on the water and on the land - taking place after school and at weekends.
First years start with 2 sessions a week (Saturday and Sunday) and sometimes one day after school. 2nd years will generally have 4 sessions per week and older CIRC rowers will have even more than that. By the time they reach the school's senior crews, they will train 7-10 times each week: After school (4 days a week), before school (once or twice a week), and once or twice on Saturdays and Sundays.

Initial Training Schedules for 2023 / 2024

1st year Boys & Girls
Saturday & Sunday: 2-4pm.

2nd years Boys & Girls
Monday, Wednesday: 4-6pm, Saturday: 12pm (noon) & Sunday: 2-4pm.

Senior Boys (3rd years upwards)
Monday: Off
Tuesday: 4-6pm (6:30-8pm for leaving certs)
Wednesday: 6-8am & 4-6pm (6:30-8pm for leaving certs)
Thursday: 4-6pm (6:30-8pm for leaving certs)
Friday: 6-8am & 4-6pm
Saturday: 10am-12pm
Sunday: 8am-10am & 12-2pm

Senior Girls (3rd years upwards)
Monday: 4-6pm (6:30-8pm for leaving certs)
Tuesday: 6-8am
Wednesday: 4-6pm (6:30-8pm for leaving certs)
Thursday: 6-8am & 4-6pm (6:30-8pm for leaving certs)
Friday: 4-6pm
Saturday: 8-10am & 12-2pm
Sunday: 10am-12pm

Rowers are notified of changes in the schedule by their coach.
The schedule during holiday periods is liable to change while the schedule in wintertime may also be different, due to the shorter days.
Training for Jes students continues until the Championships in mid-July. The number of sessions for the younger rowers is likely to increase during the summer holidays.

Adult / Recreational Rowers

Adult (recreational/social) rowers typically train midweek, in the evening, and around 11am on a Saturday/Sunday.


Safety on the water is a major priority for all.
Crews will not go on the water when rowing conditions are deemed to be unsafe.
When sessions on the water are cancelled (sometimes at short notice), they are often replaced by land training.
Every effort will be made to advise the rowers if, for some reason, a session is not going ahead.
Rowers cannot go on the water unless accompanied by a coach in a launch.
All who go in a launch and all coxes must wear a buoyancy aid.

 Meet the Coaches


The success of Jes rowing over the years owes an enormous amount to the coaches who put in hours of work with the crews, winter and summer. The club has a great tradition of ex-Jes rowers coming back to coach or staying in touch with the club in other ways. To all past and present coaches, who work with our yong rowers on a volunteer basis, we say THANK YOU for your hard work and dedication.

Senior Boys Coaches

The lead coach for the boys is club chairman, Noel Hume - an experienced and respected coach who has, over the years, led Jes rowers to win national competitions and represent Ireland in international competitions.

Senior Girls Coaches

The girls coaches are Paul Hornibrook and Fiona Lawless. Both Paul and Noel were selected by Rowing Ireland to coach and manage Ireland's Coupe de Jeuenesse WJ18 8- crew and WJ18 coxless pair, in 2018.

Under 15 Coaches:

The club is delighted that the experienced Redmond O'Brien acts as a mentor to this group, giving freely of his time to the benefit of all. Fiona Kelly also brings invaluable experience to the coaching team.

2nd Year Coaches

Ultan O'Toole and Brian Maye, assisted by Ken Heffernan, and Stephen Mangan coach the 2nd year crews. Ultan is a former CIRC rower who left school in 2023. He had coached the first-years while he was in 6th year and has continued to coach them since leaving school.
Ken and Stephen are parents with more rowing knowledge than most, having rowed with the Bish and Jes, respectively, in their youth.
Brian Maye is a former Jes rower who finished rowing in 2017 and immediately got involved in the coaching of 2nd years. Brian was in the Jes 8+ crew that won the J16 National Championships in 2015.

1st Year Coaches:

The lead coach for the first years is club Chairman, Noel Hume.


Recreational Rowing Coaches:

The lead coach for the adult recreational rowers is club Chairman, Noel Hume.