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About Club Rowing Gear

First-years compete in a club T-Shirt, which is available from the club. More information on what to wear rowing is available from our links page.

All other rowers must compete in a club one-piece. Most rowers accumulate many one-pieces, over the years, as they'll want to train in them too. This is because one-pieces don't restrict movement or get caught in the oars - and they are the most comfortable thing to wear rowing. Also, some events span multiple days and it can be nice to have a fresh one to change into for day two.

Although not mandatory, the club also recommends rowers buy a splash jacket - which is a water-resistant outer layer, to keep them warm when off the water, that can also be worn when rowing on colder days. Splash jackets can be easily removed during an on-the-water training session, when the rower warms up.

Please note: All splash jackets and one-pieces look the same - when you receive them, you should use a permanent marker to put the rowers name on the inside.

There are many other types of clothes your rower may want to wear. For example, base layers are excellent for winter training, as are leggings. Everything else, apart from rowing gillets, are intended for wear off the water. For competitions, most rowers wear leggings and splash jacket over their one-piece, to stay warm, stripping down to the one-piece (and base-layer, if it's cold) to compete.

Ordering Rowing Gear

The club organises a buying window with our vendor, Powerhouse Sport, once or twice a year. Because their pricing depends on the number of each item being made, we'll ask you what you intend to buy beforehand, so we can accurately work out what it will cost you. When the buying window opens, you simply follow the link (below) to sign in (with the password you'll been given) and place your order. When your order arrives at the club, 4-6 weeks later, it will be clearly marked with the rower's name. The first buying window is normally around the end of October, so that orders will arrive before Christmas.

It's important to order the right size - rowing gear should be close-fitting so that it doesn't catch the oars. Use this size guide, from Powerhouse, to see which one to pick. Please note: They call one-pieces "rowing suits".
Rowing gear sizes (Powerhouse sport)

Remember: The online store only open at certain times of the year. We'll let you know when you can order gear via this link:
Order CIRC-Branded Rowing Gear (Powerhouse Sport)

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