Garda Vetting

Vetting Requirements and Procedures within Colaiste Iognaid Rowing Club

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To comply with Child Protection requirements all those involved in coaching and volunteering within the club require to go through the process of Garda vetting.

This is a legal requirement pertaining to all involved with children's activities.

The club require all coaches and volunteers to go through this process. As the club expects all parents to volunteer for activities assisting the club involving children we wish that all parents would go through this process.

The Joint Managerial Board "JMB" of Jesuit schools have provided a process for all involved. It is essentially a three step process.

  1. All must complete the standard form NVB Form 1 and submit same to the school principal, who will forward it to the JMB. In completing the form please note that the role being vetted for is either coach or adult supervisor/helper in the school rowing club and that the organisation is Colaiste Iognaid Secondary School.
  2. Present identification to the School Principal to comply with the hundred point minimum requirement. The easiest method is a current driver's licence and passport which will allow him to simply confirm your identity in accordance with the minimum requirements for same.
  3. Within a week of the form NVB Form 1 being submitted you should receive a Vetting Request Form by email from The Garda Vetting Bureau which you complete and return and then await confirmation of your status.

The Statutory Declaration form does not apply to you unless you have been previously vetted for the current role and has now lapsed and you are renewing same.

The best time to meet the Principal is in early part of the school day.

Downloadable Documents

NVB 1 Form

Fill this out and bring it to the principal, in the school.
(PDF Document)

Proof of Identity

You also need to bring along at least 100 points worth of identity. The easiest method is to bring along a current driver's licence and passport.
Or check this document for other options.
(PDF Document)

Statutory Declaration

Only required if you have been previously vetted for the current role and it has lapsed.
(MS Word Document)