The Jes on the Water 2016

Each year the Coláiste Iognáid Rowing Club competes in a number of heads of river and regattas around the country, culminating in the Irish National Rowing Championships at the National Rowing Centre in County Cork.

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Irish Rowing Championships
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Cork Regatta
Galway Regatta
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Lough Rynn Regatta
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Irish Indoor Rowing Championships
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Irish Rowing Championships 2016

The Jes brought a team of 51 rowers to Cork for the Irish Rowing Championships on July 15-17. In all we had 30 crews taking to the water. It turned out to be a great weekend for our rowers despite some problems travelling down on the Thursday. The highlights were gold medal winning performances from the girls J16 and J15 eights and two silver medals in the J16 scull events.

The girls J16 crew had a tremendous season and were clear favourites in advance having been unbeaten all season. Again they did not disappoint although they did have to fight off a spirited challenge from Portora to take the title by one length. The winning crew was Ciara Walsh, Holly McHugh, Carley Mannion, Roisin Gavin, Rachel O'Malley-Raecke, Elise Carney-Frazier, Ruby Murphy, Caoileann McDonagh and Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox). So the win at champs caps off a really great year for this highly talented crew which benefited greatly from having a very large squad.

The girls J16 8+ on the podium (l to r): Caoileann NicDhonncha, Ruby Murphy, Elise Carney Frazier, Rachel O'Malley-Raecke, Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox), Roisin Gavin, Carley Mannion, Holly McHugh, Ciara Walsh
The finish to the J16 8+ race is below and the Jes are just crossing the line with a length to spare

The J15 eight was a new event this year and with three of the girls from the J16 crew and many other younger rowers, the Jes was well positioned to make a strong challenge for the win. It turned out to be a very comfortable win for the Jes eight showing that the club has great strength in depth in this category. The winning crew was Ellen Forde, Anna Coyne, Katie Ryan, Roisin Gavin, Ruth Griffin, Elise-Carney Frazier, Ruby Murphy, Isabelle Gannon and Holly McHugh (cox).

The full J15 8+ squad (l to r): Roisin McGrath, Isabelle Gannon, Ruby Murphy, Elise Carney-Frazier, Ruth Griffin, Roisin Gavin, Katie Ryan, Anna Coyne, Ellen Forde, Aoife Dempsey and (front) Holly McHugh (cox)
Below - the J15 8+ has just crossed the finish line

In the girls J16 single scull, Caoileann NicDhonncha was involved in a great final with a rower from Fermoy and was only just edged into second place in the last 100m. The standard of sculling was very high and Caoileann's time in the final would have given her third place in the J18 scull. Thus Caoileann can reflect on a great season that has seen her develop as a very talented sculler. This has been recognised by her selection for the Irish junior team for the Home Internationals.

J16 girls scull silver medalist Caoileann NicDhonncha

The boys J16 scull also brought success for the Jes. Mark Ryder has performed extremely well all season but came up against Jack Keating from Carlow who has dominated J16 sculling all season long. In the final, Mark came up with a silver medal winning performance having pushed Jack Keating all the way in the final.

Mark Ryder won silver in the boys J16 scull

Elsewhere, there were many other very good Jes performances. In the boys, J18 eight, the very young Jes crew came 2nd in their heat and then came 4th in the final - a result that shows very good progress for them over the year. The J18 four and club four, featuring many of the same rowers, just missed out in making their finals by narrow margins. In the girls J16 coxed quad, the Jes crew comfortably made the final but did not feature in the medals. There were some impressive displays from our 1st year rowers and while there were no wins, there were several 3rd and 4th place finishes for these young crews.

The boys J18 8+ bringing down the new boat: (l to r) Philip Buckley, Daragh Coen, Shane O'Halloran, Mark Ryder, Seamus O'Donoghue, Adam de Burca, Brian Maye, Luke Mulliez and below - a close finish for 2nd place in their heat

The girls J18 4- heading down to the start: (l to r) Laoise NiGhriofa, Sarah Curtis, Molly Curtis, Rachel Trench

There were a number of 1st year scullers including Amy O'Gorman (above) and Aaron de Burca (below)

A tight finish for 3rd place for a 1st year boys crew in a J14 race - Jes in foreground: (l to r) Niall Cahalan, Aaron de Burca, Oliver Kelly, Mark Ward, Luke Flynn (cox)

Another 1st year boys crew: (l to r) Tom Kavanagh (cox), Comhghall McCormack, Paul Tannian, Alex Morales-Glynn, Dylan Finan

The J15 coxed quad crew: (l to r) Niall Cahalan (cox), Luke Flynn, Tom Kavanagh, Thomas Hume, Tom McGuinness

The Jes had two girls J14 coxed quads - above: (l to r) Aoife Dempsey (cox), Ellen Forde, Kate Hume, Elise Carney-Frazier, Isabelle Gannon
Below: (l to r) Luke Flynn (cox), Naoise Walsh, Emily Ryder, Lanah Acton, Amy O'Gorman

A girls J 16 coxed quad: ( l to r) Sarah Curtis (cox), Roisin McGrath, Hannah Power, Carley Mannion, Eimear Sheridan

A girls J15 coxed quad: (l to r) Isabella Gannon, Ruth Griffin, Katie Ryan, Anna Coyne

The girls J16 coxed quad that reached the final: (l to r) Hazel McNamara, Ciara Walsh, Rachel O'Malley-Raecke, Caoileann NicDhonncha

Working on the boats

A section of the travelling Jes supporters

Our thanks to all the coaches for the enourmous amount of time that they gave to all of the crews. Their dedication is invaluable. Thanks also to the all who supported the rowers in a variety of capacities throughout the season.


Fermoy Regatta, July 3rd

The Fermoy sprint regatta took place on Sunday July 3rd and the Jes just brought 2nd year boys and 1st years to this regatta. This was an ideal opportunity for these young to get some important racing experience in advance of the national championships. It proved to be a very enjoyable and very successful day for the Jes and it brought five wins on the day - the first wins for many of the rowers.

The winning crews were:

Boys J15 4X+: Tom Kavanagh, Niall Cahalane, Tom McGuinness, Luke Flynn, Paul Tannian (cox)

Boys J15 2X: Tom Kavanagh, Tom McGuinness

Boys J14 2X: Mark Ward, Aaron deBurca

Boys J14 1X: Mark Ward

Girls J14 2X: Amy O'Gorman, Lanah Acton

Some photos now follow although apologies for the quality of these.

Boys J15 winning quad (l to r): Tom Kavanagh, Niall Cahalane, Paul Tannian, Tom McGuinness, Luke Flynn

Boys J15 double getting their medals: (l to r) Tom Kavanagh, Tom McGuinness

The winning boys J14 double: Mark Ward (left), Aaron deBurca

Cork Regatta, June 25th, 26th 

On the weekend of June 25th, 26th, the Jes rowers travelled to the National Rowing Centre on the River Lee for the Cork Regatta. As always, it was a very busy two days with some highly competitive rowing. It was a great warm-up for our crews in advance of the Irish Rowing Championships that follow in mid-July.

One of the highlights for the Jes was another win for the very strong girls J16 eight. They had plenty to spare over their nearest rivals and also had a time that was better than a number of other older crews. The strength in depth of this squad was seen as there were four changes from the crew that won in Galway the previous week. The victorious crew was Ruby Murphy, Holly McHugh, Ruth Griffin, Elise Carney-Frazier, Carley Mannion, Roisin Gavin, Rachel O'Malley-Reacke, Caoileann NicDhonncha and Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox). There was also a tremendous win for Elise Carney-Frazier in the girls J14 scull in one of the most exciting races of the weekend. Elise was in third place with just 100m to go but put on a very big push near the finish to pip the two other rowers to the line by the narrowest of margins.

In the boys J16 scull, there was an excellent performance from Mark Ryder who finished second in a very strong field. The 1st year boys in the J14 quad also did extremely well and also finished in 2nd place in their race. The boys J18 eight continues to show good progress even though they have a very young crew.

The winning girls Junior 16 crew: (l to r) Amy Phelan (coach), Ruby Murphy, Holly McHugh, Ruth Griffin, Elise Carney-Frazier, Carley Mannion, Roisin Gavin, Rachel O'Malley-Reacke, Caoileann NicDhonncha, Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox) and Naomi Colclough (coach).

Elise Carney Frazier who won the girls J14 scull

Mark Ryder heading to the start for the J16 scull

Seamus O'Donoghue was in the boys J18 scull race

The boys J14 quad which finished a very creditable second in their race

The Jes had two crews in the girls J18 double. Above (l to r) Laoise NiGhriofa and Rachel Trench. Below (l to r) Molly Curtis, Sarah Curtis.

Thomas Hume raced in the boys J15 scull

The senior boys eight coming back from a race; (l to r) Luke Mulliez, Brian Maye, Adam Burke, Seamus O'Donoghue, Mark Ryder, Shane O'Halloran, Daragh Coen, Philip Buckley and cox David Young in the background

Galway Regatta

The Galway Regatta was held at Dangan on Sunday, June 19. Despite getting home very late from the Athlone Regatta the day before, it turned out to be a fantastic regatta for the Jes crews who had an incredible eleven victories over the course of the day. They were easily the top club at the regatta - second time in the last three years. It seemed that there were Jes crews pushing for a win in virtually every race. Unlike the last few years when there was glorious sunshine, this year the rowers were greeted by very heavy rain which made the day very difficult. It didn't suit the spectators either so there were no picnics on the river bank this year. It is a testament to the quality of the Jes rowers and the efforts of their coaches that they performed so well in the adverse conditions.

The girls J18 4X- just after winning their race in the rain: (l to r) Molly Curtis, Eimear Sheridan, Sarah Curtis, Rachel Trench

The winning boys J18 4X- collecting their trophy: (l to r) Philip Buckley, Seamus O'Donoghue, Adam Burke, Luke Mulliez

Seamus O'Donoghue won the boys J18 scull

It is difficult to pick out any performances with so many wins but it is worth noting that the club had a clean sweep of all four girls J16 races. The complete list of winning crews now follows:

Girls J18 4X- : Molly Curtis, Eimear Sheridan, Sarah Curtis, Rachel Trench

Girls J16 8+ : Anna Coyne, Holly McHugh, Ruth Griffin, Hannah Power, Ciara Walsh, Hazel McNamara, Rachel O'Malley-Reacke, Caoileann NicDhonncha and Sarah Curtis (cox)

Girls J16 4X+ : Holly McHugh, Hannah Power, Carley Mannion, Ciara Walsh, Molly Curtis (cox)

Girls J16 2X : Hazel McNamara, Carley Mannion

Girls J16 1X : Caoileann NicDhonncha

Girls J15 4X+ : Roisin McGrath, Ruth Griffin, Elise Carney-Frazier, Isabella Gannon

Girls J14 4X+ : Ellen Forde, Kate Hume, Elise Carney-Frazier, Isabella Gannon, Molly Curtis (cox)

Girls J14 2X : Amy O'Gorman, Kate Hume

Boys J18 4X- : Luke Mulliez, Adam Burke, Seamus O'Donoghue, Philip Buckley

Boys J18 1X : Seamus O'Donoghue

Boys J16 1X : Mark Ryder

While the boys and girls J18 eights did not get on the winners podium this year, both crews, featuring many very young rowers, were highly competitive and did not miss out by much.

Sarah Curtis, Molly Curis, Laoise NiGhriofa, Ciara Walsh, Roisin Gavin, Rachel O'Malley-Reacke, Caolieann NicDhonncha, Rachel Trench

A 1st year girls crew pulling away from the slip: (l to r) Naoise Walsh, Emily Ryder, Lanah Acton, Amy O'Gorman and Luke Flynn (cox)

A 1st year boys quad in the J14 4X race

We hope to add some more photos shortly but the two that follow should give a sense of the adverse weather conditions.



Athlone Regatta

The Athlone and Galway Regattas took place on the weekend of June 18, 19 with Athlone on the Saturday and Galway the following day. So it was a busy weekend for all concened.

Athlone was a very long day with the first Jes boats starting at 8.30 in the morningwith the last race not until 8.00 that evening. The highlights from Athlone include another victory for the girls J16 eight where they came out on top again over their rivals from Portora and Cork. The winning crew was Carley Mannion, Elise Carney-Frazier, Ruth Griffin, Ruby Murphy, Eimear Sheridan, Roisin Gavin, Ciara Walsh, Caoileann NicDhonncha and Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox).

Not for the first time this year, there was also a convincing win from Mark Ryder in the boys J16 scull. Caoileann NicDhonncha took part in the girls J18 scull even though she is still under 16. Caolieann performed extremely well considering she was racing against girls who were much older than her. She won her heat and was just pipped into 2nd place in the final. (We hope to add some more photos from Athlone shortly).

The girls J16 8+ crew: (l to r) Carley Mannion, Elise Carney-Frazier, Ruth Griffin, Ruby Murphy, Eimear Sheridan, Roisin Gavin, Ciara Walsh, Caoileann NicDhonncha and (front) Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox)

Mark Ryder with his trophy for winning the boys J16 scull



Lough Rynn Regatta

Saturday, May 21st saw the first ever regatta at the new rowing venue at Lough Rynn. There is no doubt that it is a tremendous rowing facility. There are eight 2000m lanes with plenty of space to row down to the start. A large flat carpark next to the slip areas also made it easy for crews to prepare their boats. It is a great undertaking and congratulations to all involved in developing the venue. Despite the fact that it was the first ever Lough Rynn regatta, the day ran very smoothly with only minimal delays. It definitely met with the approval of all crews.

From the spectator perspective, the large size of the venue did make viewing a little difficult at times but we should not dwell on this drawback. This was more than offset by fantastic weather, with unbroken sunshine and flat calm racing conditions. No doubt this will be the norm for future regattas at Lough Rynn!! Some of the photos further on give a good perspective on the venue.

On the water, it also turned out to be a successful days for the Jes crews who came away with four wins. There were two notable successes in J16 sculling with Caoileann NicDhonncha taking the honours with a very emphatic victory in the girls race. In the boys race, there was a very assured performance from Mark Ryder who won with a few lengths to spare (despite the fact that he had just rowed in the J18 eight only 30 minutes perviously).

Mark also teamed up with Robert McInerney for a win in the J16 double where they comfortably controlled the race from the front. The other Jes win was in the girls J16 eight - another commanding win for the girls over some other very strong crews. Unfortunately the girls J15 eight race did not go ahead as the Jes was the only crew entered. These girls ended up racing against some adult crews and underlined their potential by finishing third.

Caoileann NicDhonncha powering ahead in the J16 scull

Mark Ryder has a big lead nearing the finish of the J16 scull

The winning girls J16 8+ crew; Back row (l to r): Roisin Gavin, Rachel O'Malley-Raecke, Ciara Walsh, Caoileann NicDhonncha, Middle row (l to r): Elise Carney-Frazier, Holly McHugh, Ruby Murphy, Hazel McNamara, Front: Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox)

Mark Ryder and Robert McInerney racing to victory in the J16 double

The boys J18 eight doing their pre-race warm-up (above) and below is action from their race as they battle with Neptune (left) and Commercial (centre) with Lough Rynn Castle as background

A J18 double: Adam Burke (bow), Luke Mulliez (stroke)

Seamus O'Donoghue raced in the boys J18 scull

The girls J15 eight

The girls J15 coxed quad: (l to r) Isabella Gannon, Ruby Murphy, Katie Ryan, Roisin McGrath, Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox)

The boys J14 coxed quad: (l to r)

The Jes tent - where it all happens

A few general views of the sunny Lough Rynn venue now follow



Limerick and Schools Regattas, April 23rd, 24th 

The weekend of April 23rd, 24th saw the Limerick Regatta on the Saturday and the Schools Regatta on the Sunday, both held at O'Briens Bridge. A squad of 50 rowers went to the Schools Regatta while it was just the senior boys at the Limerick Regatta. For the boys, Limerick was their first outing of the season and they got a lot of very useful racing. They were involved in tightest finish of the day and only just lost out to St. Michaels in a very tight finish to the boys J18 eight.

At the Schools Regatta, the Jes had four victories on the day - all for the girls; the J16 eight, the J15 eight, the J15 quad and the J14 quad. This is the second year in a row that the girls have won the J16 and J15 eights and is a measure of the strength in depth of the club in this age category.

A combined view of the four winning crews. Many of the girls featured in more than one boat. Back Row (l to r): Caoileann NicDhonncha, Hazel McNamara, Roisin Gavin, Carley Mannion, Ruth Griffin, Aoife Dempsey, Eimear Sheridan, Middle Row (l to r): Ellen Forde, Rachel O'Malley-Raecke, Holly McHugh, Ruby Murphy, Anna Coyne, Aoibhinn McPhillips, Katie Ryan Front Row (l to r) Isabella Gannon, Elise Carney-Frazier, Roisin McGrath, Katie Hume

The successful individual crews are pictured below:

J16 eight (l to r): Caoileann NicDhonncha, Ciara Walsh, Rachel O’malley-Raecke, Roisin Gavin, Eimear Sheridan, Carley Mannion, Holly McHugh, Ruby Murphy, (in front) Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox)

J15 eight (l to r): Isabella Gannon, Elise-Carney-Frazier, Roisin Gavin, Ruth Griffin, Ruby Murphy, Aoife Dempsey, Rosin McGrath, Anna Coyne, (in front) Holly McHugh (cox)

J15 quad (l to r): Roisin McGrath (cox), Anna Coyne, Aoife Dempsey, Katie Ryan, Ruth Griffin

J14 quad (l to r): Anna Coyne (cox), Ellen Forde, Katie Hume, Elise Carney-Frazier, Isabella Gannon
There were also many other good performances from Jes rowers on the day including four second place finishes (girls senior eight and four, boys J15 double and boys J16 scull - Mark Ryder). It was also the first regatta outing for the first years and all aquitted themselves very well under the watchful eye of their coach - Alex Burke. There was a bit of disappointment for one of the J14 boys crews when a major equipment problem meant that they could not finish their race.

Some more photos from the weekend now follow.

The J18 eight who were just pipped into second place in their race (l to r): David Young (cox), Philip Buckley, Daragh Coen, Shane O'Halloran, Mark Ryder, Seamus O'Donoghue, Brian Maye, Robert McInerney, Luke Mulliez

Mark Ryder who performed very impressively in his scull at both regattas (2nd place in Schools J16)

The girls senior 4 who were narrowly beaten into 2nd place (l to r): Laoise NiGhriofa, Molly Curtis, Sarah Curtis, Rachel Trench

A 1st year girls crew (l to r): Naoise Walsh, Amy Wernstrom, Lanah Acton, Amy O'Gorman and Alex Burke (cox)

Boys J15 crew (l to r) Fionn Ryan (cox), Tom McGuinness, Tom Hume, Luke Flynn, Niall Cahalane and getting some advice on the slip from Robert McInerney and David Young (right)

Two boys J18 4+ above (l to r) Brian Maye, Luke Mulliez, Seamus O'Donoghue, Adam Burke, Luke Flynn (cox) and below (l to r) Davis Young (cox), Mark Ryder, Robert McInerney, Daragh Coen, Philip Buckley

Seamus O'Donoghue who won his early morning heat in the boys sculls

The boys 1st year crew who had an unfortunate equipment problem at the regatta

And finally some of the faithful Jes fans although the late April weather is not exactly the best



Skibbereen Regatta

The regatta season finally got underway with the Skibbereen Regatta. However, the weather still managed to interfere and the planned two day regatta was squeezed into one day due to an adverse weather forecast.

Only girls crews took part in this regatta with 23 girls travelling to the Cork venue for a very long day on the water. The shortened regatta was not ideal and led to a lot of racing over a single day.

The highlight was a commanding victory from the girls J16 8+. Not alone did they top their category but they also beat many other older crews. This is a very talented J16 squad and they have much to look forward to over the coming months.

In other races, the girls J15 quad took a 2nd place and were unluck to finish out of the top spot. Caoileann NicDhonnacha also performed very well and was in 3rd place in the girls J16 scull - a very strong performance given that she had raced twice in the eight earlier in the day.

The happy girls J16 8+ crew with their medals and a great selection of wellies (l to r): Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox), Caoileann Nic Dhonncha, Ciara Walsh, Rachel O'Malley-Raecke, Roisin Gavin, Carley Mannion, Holly McHugh, Hazel McNamara, Elise Carney-Frazier

Irish Indoor Rowing Championships

Jes rowers had significant successes at the recent Irish Indoor Rowing Championships that were held at the University of Limerick.  The most notable achievement came from Caoileann NicDhonncha who was in placed first in the highly competitive girls U16 2000m race.  There was also a podium finish for Mark Ryder who came an impressive third in the boys U16 2000m. The Connacht team for the girls U16 was made up of four from the Jes – Caoileann NicDhonncha, Rachel O’Malley-Raecke, Ciara Walsh and Carley Mannion and they won their race in very convincing fashion.  The Connacht U14 relay team also included two Jes girls – Elise Carney Frazier and Isabella Gannon – and they also raced to a first place finish.

Caoileann Nic Dhonncha who won the girls U16 2K

Mark Ryder took bronze in the boys U16 2K race

The four Jes girls on the Connacht U16 relay: (l to r) Rachel O'Malley-Raecke, Ciara Walsh, Caoileann Nic Dhonncha and Carley Mannion

Jes girls on the Connacht U14 relay team: Elsie Carney-Frazier (left) and Isabella Gannon (2nd from left)

Indoor Rowing Competitions

The club took part in two indoor rowing competitions. On Nov. 13th, 1st years and 2nd year girls took part in the Get Going Get Rowing event in TCD while the rest of the club went to Limerick on Nov. 21st for the Provinces Indoor Rowing Competition.


A large number of young rowers went to TCD for this indoor rowing competition with the Jes sending 1st years and the 2nd year girls. It turned out to be a highly successful day and the Jes girls were very much to the fore taking 2nd place in the under 13 and under 14 relay races - excellent performances since there were over twenty teams in each race.

The 2nd place girls in the under 14 race

The under 13 2nd place girls on the podium

The boys and girls had a great day in Dublin


The University of Limerick was again the venue for the provinces indoor rowing competition which took place on November 21st.

There were some very good performances on the day with serveral medals and also a host of personal bests. In the girls races, Caoileann NicDhonncha two impressive 3rd place finishes - in the U16 2K and in the U15 500 m. There was also a convincing win for the 4th year boys. In the U18 boys, Eoghan Walls-Tuite and Kai McGlacken took 1st and 3rd respectively with powerful displays of rowing.

Caoileann Nic Dhonncha with her coaches (l to r) Sarah Sheridan, Naomi Colclough, Caoileann and Nicole Cooke

The winning boys relay team (l to r) Brian Maye, Daragh Coen, Mark Ryder, Robert McInerney

Boys U18: Eoghan Walls-Tuite (centre) and Kai McGlacken (right)

Some other photos of the action from Limerick now follow.


Castleconnell Head of the River

The rowing season got off to a tremendous start for Jes rowers at the Castleconnell Head of the River. After two months of training it was no doubt good for all rowers to see some competitive action in perfect conditions on the Shannon. In all, the Jes had eight wins on the day with a host of other strong performances including first and second in some events.

In the girls J15 scull, there was a particularly impressive performance from Caolieann NicDhonncha who won with over 80 secs to spare over her nearest rival. Caoileann also had another success in the girls J16 coxed quad when she teamed up with Molly Curtis, Roisin Gavin, Grace Egan and Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox). In the girls J16 double, the Curtis twins, Molly and Sarah came out on top over a minute ahead of the rest of the field.

The girls J14 coxed quad has enjoyed considerable success over the last 12 months and they notched up yet another victory here with Anna Coyne (bow), Aoife Dempsey, Ruth Griffin, Ruby Murphy (stk) and Rachel O'Malley Reacke (cox). However it turned out to be a tight competition with a winning margin of just 6 secs over their 2nd year teammates who were also very impressive in the Colaiste Iognaid B boat. The girls J18 pair proved to be an even closer race with just 3 secs separating the two Jes boats. the winning crew here was Rachel Trench and Laosie NiGhriofa.

In the boys J18 pair, Seamus O'Donoghue and Brian Maye took the honours while Seamus and Brian were joined by Mark Ryder, Philip Buckley and David Young (cox) for the win. Elsewhere, there was also a Jes win in the boys J16 coxed quad which completed a very successful year of J16 racing for Jes crews. The boys in this boat were Robert McInerney (bow), Daragh Coughlan, Daragh Coen, Shane O'Halloran (stk) and David Young (cox).

The 2nd year boys were also in action in an eight for the first time and performed very well after just a few sessions of sweep rowing. It was also great to see the 1st years take to the water and they have plenty to look forward to in the new year.

The Curtis twins, Molly and Sarah, who won the girls J16 double

The winning girls J16 quad: (l to r) Molly Curtis, Caoileann NicDhonncha, Roisin Gavin, Grace Egan and Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox)

Seamus O'Donoghue (l) and Brian Maye approaching the finish line in a J18 pair

The winning girls J18 pair: Laoise NiGhriofa (l) and Rachel Trench

The winning girls J14 quad make starting out: (l to r) Rachel O'Malley Reacke (cox), Ruby Murphy, Ruth Griffin, Aoife Dempsey and Anna Coyne

Girls J18 pair: (l to r) Ciara Walsh and Eimear Sheridan

J18 4+ just after their race: (l to r) David Young (cox), Brian Maye, Seamus O'Donoghue, Mark Ryder and Philip Buckley

Boys J18 pair, Daragh Coen (left) and Philip Buckley chat with J16 sculler Mark Ryder just after the finish

The boys J15 quad: (l to r) Tom McGuinness, Thomas Hume, Cian McHale, Tom Kavanagh, Niall Cahalane (cox)

Second year girls in their quad before the start: (l to r) Aoibhinn McPhillips (cox), Isabella Gannon, Roisin McGrath, Elsie Carney Frazier, Ellen Forde

Aoibhinn McPhillips

Hazel McNamara is all smiles in her scull

Tadhg Harkin (left) gives Daragh Coughlan a helping hand with his scull

Aoife Dempsey (left) and Ruth Griffin struggle with their double

First years heading up the river to the start with coach, Alex Burke, as cox:
Boat packing can be fun (above) under the watchful eye of Evan Molloy (below - centre)

Relaxing at the end of the day: (l to r) Kai McGlacken (coach), Robert McInerney, Luke Mulliez, Daragh Coughlan, Cian McHale

Trick or Treat?

Heading for home with the new club jeep (thanks Aidan) as the shadows lengthen in the autumn sunshine