News 2015

Club Dinner 

The club dinner took place on Friday, November 6th at the Westwood Hotel. It was a very enjoyable night - rowers, coaches and friends of the rowing club. Congratulations to Robert McInerney who was honoured as club person of the year. The pictures below give a sense of a good time that was had by all.

Club person of the Year - Robert McInerney

Coaches for the girls crews (l to r): Nicole Cooke, Aine Gavin, Naomi Colclough, Sarah Sheridan, Amy Phelan
The boys senior squad
Senior girls
3rd year girls with their coaches
The full girls squad with coaches

Club Open Day - Saturday, Oct. 17th 

The club held a very successful open day for parents and other adults on Saturday, October 17th. The objective was to encourage more adults to take up social rowing - an activity that is very much growing in popularity. There was a very good turnout and our thanks to all those coaches and experienced rowers (in other words the J15s and J16s) who contributed to the success of the day. Hopefully we will see many of the novices back for more as the season progresses.

The photos below capture the atmosphere at the event and it is fair to say that a lot of smiles are evident.


Club Barbecue 2015

The annual club barbecue and blessing of the boats took place as usual on the Monday evening after the Irish Rowing Championships. A large crowd turned out on a sunny evening to enjoy some good food and reflect on a very successful season that culminated with the J16 boys eight victory at Champs. It was also great to see the support from other clubs in the city including NUIG and the Bish.

Our thanks to all who helped to make the evening the success that it was including those who provided sponsorship.

Fr. Charlie does the honours

Jes Rowing in France, Easter 2015

In 2013, the club hosted a group of students from the Collège Henri IV rowing club based in Meulan, east of Paris. The trip was very successful and strong bonds were formed between the clubs. Following considerable organisation, a return trip for 2nd, 3rd year rowers took place, leaving on Sun March 29 returning on Sat April 4th.

Thus was great excitement at the club on the Sunday morning when the travelling party boarded the bus for Dublin Airport; 27 rowers, 6 chaperones and 2 coaches. The rowers stayed with French families giving them an excellent opportunity to improve their language skills and to build friendships through this sporting and cultural exchange.

The French hosts had organised a tremendous programme of events for the rowers during the week including:

- Rowing at the school club on three mornings

- Excursions to a tree top adventure park and to Monet's house/garden

- A half day at the school - where Jes visitors gave wonderful presentations to their French hosts in their classrooms

- A trip to Paris including the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame

- A visit to Versailles with the highlight of rowing there on the lake

It really was a tremendous experience for all and a trip that our young rowers will remember for a long time to come, lots of tears when we were leaving the school to return home.

It was a wonderful opportunity to build lasting links with the French school with the strong likelihood that they will pay a return visit in 2016.

Some photos of the trip below highlight the great time that was had by all.

Get Going Get Rowing 

In the week of March 23rd, Colaiste Iognaid Rowing Club hosted the NUIG/Rowing Ireland Get Going Get Rowing programme.  In total, 5 City Schools took part with over 100 students taking to the water for the very first time. The schools that were involved included Taylors Hill, Salerno, Colaiste Einde, Mercy and Presentation.  All of these schools were engaged with the Get Going Get Rowing Indoors program since Christmas, and some even since last November.  They finally got their chance to get out on the water after weeks of working hard on the ergs.  There were even some teachers and a parent or two who gave it a go.  The event was very well organised by Connacht Development Officer – Jen Cunningham.

The programme was supported by the more experience rowers from the Jes (particularly the transition years) who took time out from their studies to help the students from out other schools to learn the basics of rowing. They broke the stroke down and showed them each position. Then they showed them how to get into the boat correctly and showed them how to put the oars into the boat. The weather conditions did not help but they all did very well considering. The new rowers enjoyed getting out on the river as they had been on the rowing machines for the previous few weeks.

The photos that follow give a flavour for the activities during the week.


2nd, 3rd Year Trip to France, Spring 2015 

In 2013, the club hosted a group of students from the Collège Henri IV rowing club based in Meulan, east of Paris. The trip was very successful and strong bonds were formed between the clubs. The return trip will happen next spring for the second and third year rowers, leaving on Sun March 29 returning on Sat April 4th.

Collège Henri IV

Meulan is a picturesque town on the banks of the river Seine, with a population of approximately 9,000. Situated in the Île-de-France region, it has easy access to Paris and Versailles. This return trip is being co-ordinated by two English teachers from that school who also coach with the club. They have put a wonderful programme in place that will include four river sessions with both the Irish and French rowing together along the Seine and the Grand Canal at the Palace of Versailles. The full details of the programme for the week are given below.

The Jes 2nd and 3rd year rowers will be hosted by French families and the club hopes to host a return trip in 2016. This is a wonderful opportunity to build lasting links with a French club and will give all our club members a chance to benefit from a very worthwhile sporting and cultural exchange. There will be 28 rowers travelling from the Jes along with a number of coaches and parents.

Sunday 29 March:

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